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Our Story ....
It started simply enough.  We headed south to Baja on a little vacation.  We thought we might look for a small piece of land with a white sandy beach.  We drove all the way to Cabo, having a great time, enjoying the November weather, but not finding a little white sandy beach that we could call our own.  What we were finding was that is is not so easy to find this white sandy beach that we were looking for.  We circled back north, and halfway up along the Sea of Cortez, there it was...  W e had found the beach.  A lot of it.  And to get it, we had to buy it all.  Hmmm, that was not the plan.  But we already knew how scarce white sand beaches are, and that we might never have this opportunity again.  So we bought it, all of it, knowing that this beach would change our lives.  We knew this beach was special and rare and that we needed to do something special to honor it.
   Our beach made us think.  About how we were living our lives and how we could make changes that would benefit our planet and how this special beach was going to show us how.  It took us some time to figure out how to protect this beach of ours.  We didn't want to be responsible for the pollution of this beautiful Sea of Cortez that our beach was on.  Furthermore, we were counting on this ocean to provide us food to feed ourselves.  So we learned about alternative septic systems.  Our beach was then off the power grid, so we learned about designing, installing and maintaining solar systems.  We learned about water systems and satellite systems and lots more stuff that we never knew before.
   We knew where we were going and we had learned how to do it.  We wanted a development that would be a green, eco-friendly, self-sustaining entity.  We had learned the lessons.  So we tested it out.  We found that we could eat "free" from the ocean - lobster, scallops, clams, fish, concha, etc. all bountiful in this pristine environment.  We found that you can plant and grow fresh fish and vegetables nearly year-round, as well as purchase them from the local folks who often sell them door to door.  We found that the local "tienda" (market) would provide reasonably priced staples such as tortillas, rice, beans, dairy, etc. It would work!!  We know now that you can live economically and tread lightly on this earth at the same time.  We know that our beach needs us to care for it as much as we need our beach to care for us.  We feel like we have arrived home where we are safe and provided for.
   We are now building the infrastructure of our development.  We have put in the first few roads and will begin to run the water lines soon.  We may soon the option of hooking into the power grid as a primary or secondary system - we have choices now.  We would love for you to join us on our white sandy beach and for you to be as excited as we are for the opportunity to reduce the burden on this Earth's natural resources.  How cool is that...  We hope to see you there real soon....
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